Stonewall Kitchen Jam- Recipes and Gifts

Stonewall Kitchen Jam has been around for 25 years. The founders have expanded this brand to jams, seasonings, and kitchen tools.  You also need to check out the barn sale and recipes that are on the site.

Every jar of jam we sell is as important to us as the very first one. By carefully crafting individual batches we ensure quality and stonewall kitchen jamconsistency so that you receive only our best in every bite. Although this step adds complexities to the process, we think the result is well worth it.

As passionate food lovers, we’re always looking for new and exciting flavor combinations to share with you. While many of our recipes are timeless classics (perfected!), some of our best sellers are uniquely us: Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam, and Maple Bacon & Onion Jam.

Stonewall Kitchen jam

About Stonewall Kitchen Jam

Founded in 1991 by partners Jonathan King and Jim Stott, the two established

stonewall kitchen jamthemselves selling jams and jellies at local farmers’ markets, fairs and festivals with their flavorful line of distinctive and high quality food items. Over time, they expanded their product line to include sauces, condiments, mustards and baking mixes. Today,  Stonewall Kitchen is known for its innovative product development, beautiful packaging, stunning retail spaces and exceptional customer service. It now boasts more than 6,000 wholesale accounts nationwide and internationally, thriving catalog and web divisions and 10 retail Company Stores along the East Coast. As winners of 29  awards from the Specialty Food Association and the recipient of the coveted Outstanding Product Line Honors. Stonewall Kitchen is proud to be one of the most awarded specialty food companies in the country.


What are Farmhouse Flavors?

As much as we love to innovate in the kitchen, we also know that there are some classics you just don’t need to mess with; they stand on their own. That’s what our line of Farmhouse Flavors is all about: timeless recipes done better.

Whether you’re sitting down to a hearty family breakfast or sipping a quiet cup of coffee at day’s end, these favorites are sure to transform your moments into occasions to remember.


Redefining breakfast classics.

There’s something undeniably special about a piping hot plate of pancakes or waffles straight from the griddle. Topped with a generous pat of butter and a splash of real maple syrup (or two, or three—who’s keeping track?). You will have the quintessential farmhouse breakfast.

Our Farmhouse breakfast classics are the perfect way to start your day. Whether you’re hitting the road on your morning commute, or gearing up for a day of hard labor.

stonewall kitchen jam

Classic condiments perfected.

Time and time again, when we open the fridge to pull together a quick sandwich, top an afternoon burger, or liven up a weekend cheese plate, we reach for one of these tried-and-true favorites.

From Farmhouse Mayo and classic Farmhouse Green Relish to our kicked-up Farmhouse Red Relish and delightfully complex Old Farmhouse Chutney, these condiments are the perfect finishing touch to whatever you’re plating up.



stonewall kitchen jam